|no more exposure to risk

Buy-to-let property is purchased by many as a long-term investment and as an investment, it is supposed to return a stable income. In reality, a buy-to-let property does not usually work out that way!

Delinquent (or non-existent) tenants, volatile maintenance costs, increasing levies and rates as well as a myriad of costly legal pitfalls.

Different Property allows you to choose management periods ranging from 10 to 20 years. As a property owner you gain complete certainty, knowing exactly how much income your investment will generate, guaranteed to increase each year at an inflation beating rate. At the end of the period the Different Property lease will expire and all rights in the property revert to you, and the option is available to extend the agreement, or to realise a decade or two of capital growth by selling the property.

If done correctly, generating a stable, guaranteed and inflation-beating return on your property can be a pain-free process and Different Property is here to make the decision to invest in property investment as simple as possible.


|surpass traditional property management

Different Property is the only property solution that comprehensively addresses the buy-to-let investors needs. By guaranteeing a rental income irrespective of costs, maintenance or vacancies, and by handling all administration and management of all aspects of the property, Different Property gives buy-to-let investors the risk-free passive income that they always dreamed of.

Ok so how is it Different from a managing agent?

Property managers do take away a large part of the routine administration, but the responsibility and the financial risk are still the landlord’s. If there is a vacancy or a squatting tenant the agent will forgo the small percentage of their commission, but then the landlord loses out on the whole rental and must still make the bond repayment out of pocket. And if expensive maintenance work needs to be carried out, the agent may facilitate the process but it ís always the landlord who foots the bill.

We take on all the risk: as simple as that – it is a complete solution.


|the landlord’s friend

Different Property will sign a long-term (10+ years) lease over your property in terms of which we will pay you a fixed monthly net rental.

When we say fixed, we mean fixed.

The amount of rental will be guaranteed – regardless of vacancies, maintenance costs, rates increases, etc. and will increase each year at the inflation rate (CPI).

We take on all the administration related to finding and managing tenants as well as managing the property, including letting the unit, collecting rent, handling repairs and maintenance, paying rates, levies and accounts, etc. So for you, your property is 100% passive income.


|enjoy pure passive income

Managing your own property means dealing with repairs, admin and tenants as well as body corporates, municipalities and Eskom. You are on call 24/7 and you also need to become a legal expert!

With Different Property, owning an investment property no longer needs to be the stressful, time consuming, admin-intensive hard work it has become notorious for. Passive income is a reality and Different Property provides landlords with all the positives of investment property that they initially signed up for (stable income, inflation protection, gear-ability and capital growth), whilst removing all the headache.


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