Buy-To-Let Property: A Different Solution

Problem-Solution-Essay-253x300As we have established Buy-To-Let property is a great way of gaining some financial security while putting money in an asset that will appreciate, if not hold its value. After the first couple years the rentals gained will surpass the amount of the mortgage repayment and the landlord will begin to turn a profit, which will most likely keep increasing if the rentals are at the very least linked to inflation.

While these are indeed formidable pros to embarking on the path of Buy-To-Let. The cons are just as extreme and in some instance purely from a time and stress point of view outweigh the pros.

Letting agents are a great way to facilitate the admin and management of the property but for a percentage of the rental it doesn’t eradicate the risk, it just adds a middle man.

With defaulting tenants in the form of late payments or non-performance, it puts the landlords financial position in jeopardy. If this continues this may ultimately compromise the whole objective of owning a Buy-To-Let Property.

Up until now, there has never been an solution which removes the landlords exposure to risk, while still making Buy-To-Let a worthwhile investment.

Different Property puts the landlord first by taking the risk and stress out of being a property owner. While letting the landlords retain the full benefits of earning a guaranteed monthly income as if they had the best tenant in the world, who pays promptly and consistently.

Different Property offers a first of its kind service that takes over all management and administration fees that are a given with property management, tenant relations and management, site maintenance and upkeep are all handled by Different Property.

Timely and costly maintenance is passed on to Different Property who will ensure your property is afforded the best possible attention, allowing for the maximum value to be added to the property.

Different Property takes full responsibility of rental performances by guaranteeing a monthly income linked to inflation giving landlords peace of mind with all the benefits of Buy-To-Let property ownership, without any of the problems.

Even with the increase in the property rates or complex levies you can expect business as usual when it comes to your inflation linked guaranteed income.

What also makes this a unique venture is the flexible nature of the agreement choosing anywhere between 10 and 20 year management agreements. Making Different Property ideal for people who want to sell further down the line, or anybody who is thinking on a more long term/permanent basis.

What this first of its kind initiative also allows, is being able to own property far away from where you stay and still receive rentals. So you can start investing in premium property and have the luxury of enjoying high-end rentals in appreciating areas and have Different Property handle your investment making you a stress and risk free investor.

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