Total Peace of Mind

The team at Different Property are believers of passing on quantifiable value to our clients. Through an innovative approach to property management, focusing specifically on the current landlord system, we have devised a solution that guarantees income, while eradicating risk and stress, providing Buy-To-Let investorsĀ the luxury of property ownership in the environment of a risk free investment. It is impossible to compare Different Property to traditional Letting Agents who only provide limited services, which must still run through the landlord for final decisions at every step of the way.

Different Property provides complete peace of mind by taking over every aspect of the management process, from tenant management all the way to property maintenance and premises upgrades. Different Property absorb all the risk associated with rentals, from non paying tenants to vacancies, unlike agents whose commitment is limited to their commission.

Increasing your rental by R2,000 may only yield a traditional agent a commission of R200. That may not be enough of an incentive to earn the landlord an extra R1,800.

Global investors can literally invest from anywhere in the world, using Different Property the need to live in close proximity to their properties for management purposes, is no longer necessary.

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