Different Property are proud to offer management solutions for all residential rental properties.

Different property caters for all residential buy-to-let investors in the Gauteng area.

All Different Property clients will receive a quarterly update containing all information pertaining  to their property.

Different Property guarantee net rental income, carrying all management responsibilities including letting, maintenance and administration, and simultaneously absorbing all financial risk related to rates, levies, repairs, vacancies and delinquent tenants.

As soon as you sign up with us, the risk, stress and management responsibilities are immediately passed on to Different Property, so you won’t ever have to think about your properties.

Different Property generates a unique profile generated through the features of your property. After taking into account all the factors, Different Property will provide a guaranteed income linked to the specifics of your property.

Landlords often make the mistake of looking at gross rental (or gross rental less rates, levies and admin fees) to estimate the yield on the property. This approach misses several significant sources of cost which – though they will not happen every month – will happen with every property: vacancies, repairs, maintenance, legal fees etc. These fees are easy to forget about but walls need painting, carpets replacing and toilets and kitchens refurbishing. The Different Property net rental makes a fair allowance for all the costs.



Different Property guarantees every landlord peace of mind. All repairs and costs are absorbed by Different Property and you will never have to worry or lift a finger to manage any aspect of your property.

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As soon as you sign up with Different Property, every step of the management process is handled by us. Delinquent tenants or vacancies will never affect your guaranteed monthly income, through Different Property’s innovative solution to Investment Property Management, all risk is absorbed. See how it works

The Different Property team, handle all repairs and upkeep, ensuring your property is always presentable. None of these costs will affect your guaranteed monthly income.

From the beginning of the contract all aspects  of property management are handled directly by Different Property. Our clients do not have to worry about property inspections for the duration of the contract. Different Property will provide reports to all owners on their properties.

Switch from landlord to investor with a Different Property management lease of 10 to 20 year periods. Enjoy the rewards of property investment, while you benefit from all upgrades and your properties appreciation in value.

Once the lease concludes, the property, which will be in the same or better condition, will revert back to the owner, and no additional costs are due to Different Property.

The guarantee of an inflation-linked net rental is embedded in the lease. Different Property will pay the full amount, on time, every month for the duration of the lease. The security of your investment in the long-term is in the title deed to the property itself. You never relinquish it and– no matter what happens to Different Property – you retain full title to your investment. If the worst came to the worst and Different Property went under, you would take back occupation of your property and find a new tenant to rent it.

Different Property Portfolio management, is ideal for any South Africa property owner who is based (or going) overseas. We offer a solution which allows you guaranteed peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

The vast majority of residential properties are managed either by buy-to-let investors with day-jobs (who can only give part-time focus) or by estate agents, who are not incentivised to give properties the same level of attention as an owner would. Different Property can put all necessary resources – both people, technology and cash – into managing the properties at maximum efficiency. This means that even though our owners don’t lose out on the income level they were receiving, Different Property can squeeze out profits from lower admin costs, lower vacancies and better rentals.

By guaranteeing the net rental to the owner, Different Property takes on significant risk around market cycles. If we took on property for, say, only 5 years, we could see five years of downturn which would be problematic. 10 years or more would expect to see us through an up and down cycle.